JMS (5 Nov 2011)
"Jesus Christ, Son of God,  and Son of Man, our new life !!!"

Dk 4.11.2o11, - friends in Jesus !

Jesus Christ alone, is our Almighty Creators wonderful plan for us to deliverance and salvation. - The plain truth about our Great Creator's rescue-plan for
the creation who fall from God, when adam and eve they fall, is to send His only begotten Son to be born as human, in flesh and blood, and to fulfil the words
in Isaiah 61:1-2a.v. - following the way of the Almighty's mention in Isaiah 55:4-11.v. - but leave the judgement to God, - in Luke 4:16-19.v. we can read that
Jesus followed the will of God, - but also proclaimed an Acceptabel Year from God, - (like a part of a timeplan)

Jesus grow up to teach us, and pay the price for our sin, - our going in the wrong direction, - away from the Light from God into the darkness, the opposite of
the plan God told in the creation - Genesis 1:3-5.v. and 14-18.v.

Through his death Jesus stopped this, and paied the price for our sin/going wrong, and opened a door back home to God - John 10:1-11.v. etc.

The sin, the poison from the serpent, have infected us like a evil virus, who attacked man all over. but through that one man's fall it goes to his offspring
through the gene. - but as one man, adam falled, one man, Jesus won victory, on the Cross on Golgatha where Jesus with his body and blood, his life once and
for all paied the price to set us free, - remember the word's from Jesus when he died: It's Finished/its Complete. - Praise the Lord for Ever for His Love !

And they buried in a tomb, but after three days Jesus was resurrected-born again as a new Human being after the will of the Almighty God.

Through the sacrifize on the Cross on Golgatha, Jesus not have only paied the price for our sin/going in wrong direction, - when Hi died, the old adam-eve
creation died to, - but remember Jesus have given us time to repent/turn around, and go in the right direction, through the proclamation in Luke 4:17-21.v.
of 'the acceptable year from God'

God created the first adam of the earth, - but Jesus (the new adam) was created after the will of God's, as the New Man of Spirit - mention in John 1:12-13.v.

Jesus is now also the firstborn of the New Creation of God. - thats why Maria mustn't touch Jesus when she meet him in the garden after resurrection, - he
have to go to his father first !

Jesus have to die for our sin, but he also have to be resurrected, - born again as that new creation, so we could be changed after the image of his, if we
believe in Him. - you can read that all over the Bible, in f.ex. Romans 8:28-31.v. - Ephesos 1:5-11.v. - Phillip 3:20-21.v. - 1.John 3:1-2.v. - 1. Corinthian
15:44-49.v. - Colossians 1:12-20.v. and so on !

later but in hast following scenario.

And what about the words from Isaiah 8:18.v.??? - said again in Hebrew 2:7-18.v. about Jesus - children who is for sign and warnings in Israel - and it's not
only said about the actuel nation of Israel, - but to the 10 tribes of Israel (those who have forgot their real identity) out among the the worlds nation's !
mention in Ezekiel 36:16-28.v. and Ezekiel 37:15-28.v.   

May our Great God bless and protect all of us, in the blood of the chosen Lamb of His, Jesus Christ our wonderful saviour, Lord, and King. - let's follow the will
of God's, - look at, listen to, and follow Jesus in obey !!!

have a blessed and peaceful time, in the love from Jesus Christ, - ><> *  j.m.s.