JMS (3 Nov 2011)
"Jesus Christ is the Truth, and only Way to real Life, - remember: The fear of the Lord, is the beginning of Wisdom !"

Dk. 2.11.2o11. - friends in Jesus Christ !

Remember Jesus word's about the faith in the Philadelphian church - Rev. 3:7-13.v.
they were small, have a litle strenght, - but they believe and trusted in the Lord
Jesus Christ and on His word's, and they stood fast on them !

In fact they followed the will of the Almighty God, and obeyed His words to Peter,
John and Jacob, on the mountain - "this is My beloved son, listen to and follow Him."
Matthew 17:1-8.v.

let's do the same, let's believe and trust in our Lord - Jesus Christ, let's cling
to Jesus, tell Him we are totaly lost without Him.
But believe in His victory on the cross on Golgatha, where He paied the price to set
us free.
But we also believe in His victory over the death, and wait for to be born again,
in the Image of His, as Paul told us in Romans chpt.8 - and John forwarned about in
John 1:11-13.v.

Look up, our redemption draws near, He who have started it all in us, is on His way
to fulfil it.
So be blessed in that faith, in the love from Jesus Christ, ><> * j.m.s.