JMS (2 Nov 2011)
"To Marie Komar, about your claim: the Eleventh Hour is Now !"

Dk. o2.11.2o11, - thanks Marie Komar.

It's a very interesting claim you give, that '' the Eleventh Hour is Now ''

Because of it remind me of a dream/word's I waked up with, in the early morning of 16th of July 2oo6, - I missed a word because I not took it serious enough,

I only wrote few notes, and was also disturbed by the phone to, - here it is, I have mention it before on Five Doves, I never realy understood the meaning.

>>> 1.2.3.  final count down,  o7.o8.o9.  Eleven days and Eleven hour's  from now ! <<<

may we all do as the Philadelphian church did, trust in Jesus Christ, and stand fast on His word's !!!

have a blessed week in the love from Jesus Christ, - ><> * - j.m.s.