JMS (19 Nov 2011)
"Jesus said: when you see all this happen, look up your redemption draws near. - also remember Peter, John and Jacobs experience on the mountain: and when they looked up, they saw only Jesus !!!"

Why is Jesus saying: I know you not ??? - He say it to those who always have looked for sensation's, but never understand the sign's, - they dont believe in
the sign, they never take thing's realy serious enough, to let them take over in their life - thats the meaning with repent, it means turn around and follow
the way of God's and not your own as adam and eve.

Believe and trust in what the Almighty said to Peter, John and Jacob on the mountain when Jesus was revealed in Light, - the Almighty said: this is My beloved
Son, listen to and follow Him !

Thats also why Jesus say: you examine the Holy Scripture daily, and hope to find life in it, - but if you understood, you would see it speak of me, but you
never come to me, who have the key to the life.

and how can it help you to know, or own everything, if you loose your soul ?

in fact it's why eve and adam fall in eden, and it's the same Jesus warn Laodicea about, - so let's turn around and only look at, listen to and follow Jesus,
because He alone is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. - so to look at and follow Jesus alone, is to do the will of God, and the way to be known of Jesus.

have a blessed weekend in the love from Jesus, ><> * - j.m.s.