JMS (19 Nov 2011)
"The Almighty God's Salvation-plan, to be a New Creation through Jesus dead for our sin, on the Cross on Golgatha, and Hi's later resurrection from the Tomb !"

On the first day in creation, the Almighty said: There be Light ! - and later He seperated the Light from the darkness, because  of,

the Great Creator saw the Light was good, and seperated it from the darknes, - Genesis chpt. 1 !

On the first day in the week, Jesus was resurrected from death, as a new creation, the new man (adam) God want to change us to.

In book of Daniel chpt 7:9-14.v. we can read about the plan of the Almighty, for that new creation of His, - the new Man !

only trust and believe in Jesus Christ as our redeemer, saviour and Lord, - soon our Great King of kings and Lord of lords !

have a blessed day in the love from Jesus,  ><> * - j.m.s.