JMS (19 Nov 2011)
"Jesus Chris our saviour and redeemer,  Son of God,  and Son of Man, our new life  !!!"

Dk. 19.11.2o11 friends in Jesus Christ !

Let's leave our own way and follow the way the Almighty told Peter, John and Jacob,

when He said: this is My beloved Son, Listen to and follow Him, - and when they

look up again, - they saw only Jesus !!!

It's time for us now to only look at and follow Jesus, He alone can save us

because of His Victory on Golgatha over the sin, followed by the victory

over the death, and His resurrection on the first day in the week, to a 

New creation of God - the New Man !

on the first day in creation the Almighty said: let there be Light. - Genesis 1:1.v.

and on a later first day in the week - Jesus Christ our saviour was resurrected !

have a blessed week in the love from Jesus, - <>< * ><>