JMS (17 Nov 2011)
"Behold, I and the children God have given Me. - Hebrews Chapter 2:1-18.v."

When the Almighty God say to us, when Jesus was revelead in Light on the mountain,
where He took Peter, John and Jacob - Peter who should go to the gentiles with the
messages from Jesus, John who should tell us about the plan of God's, and Jacob who
should take care of and lead the first assembly of Jerusalem.

When the Almighty said: Behold this is My beloved Son, listen to and follow Him in
obey. - then its what the Almighty wait from us, - and thats why Jesus said I know
only those who My Father have send me, because of: they do the will of My Father.

And it's understandable, they have left the way from Eve/Adam's fall in Eden, when
they want to follow their own will, and not trust in the way of the Almighty.

It's also the problem of Laodiceas: we want to do it our own way - instead of the
way of Philadelphia, - we trust in, stand fast on, and follow Jesus, - because of

Jesus is the only way Home, - He is alone the true, the only way, to real life !

Let's understand and obey, - in the Love from Jesus Christ. - j.m.s. ><> *