JMS (14 Nov 2011)
"First the Gentile Chaldean, then the Sheperd's on the field, - and on day Eight, - Israel !"

Dk. 13.11.2o11 - friends in Jesus Christ.

Let's remember and understand the way of our Almighty God's. - If He tell us to only look at, listen to, and follow Jesus,
then it's what He want from us, - because of, then we show the whole Universe, that we trust in and obey our Great Creator,
and not follow the old way from the fall in Eden !

May we all understand, and may our Great God clean us all in the blood of the chosen Lamb of His, - Jesus Christ !

have a blessed time. - Dont frighten, the Almighty have it all in and under control - Isaiah 55:6-13.v.

in the love from Jesus, ><> * - j.m.s.