Jennifer B (2 Nov 2011)
"Re: Michael Colunga (1 Nov 2011)"

Hello John, brothers and sisters in Christ. 
   Thank you John for all that do. You have been able to bless so many by what you do.

  Thank you for putting the thought of November 11th hoping he comes) and it being veterans day. That part never connected in my brain. Kind a of like a duh factor.. If this is when our Father returns, this would be great. This would be the best veterans day, I could ever dream of, better than my fox hole. If not he has reasons, more souls to won which is always grand for the father. He has taken care of us so far, though good and bad. Our father knows what is best for us, no matter what. I have experienced this several times in my life, every time I wonder why he keep me alive so many times. He reminds me in different ways, every time I question. I am thankful, Jesus saved me. 

  Most of you are better than I at connecting the dates and numbers. Thank you for all that you do. It never seems to amaze me that everyone has a different piece of what we think could happen, and by this it helps to put together a bigger pitcher. Amazing. 

  This world is so full of evil that I long to go home. I miss the days when everyone took care of everyone else, and people knew other care. I have been blessed, I have a good team (at work) who works hard and have great hearts. I am truly blessed in so many ways. Maybe I am old school at 41, but that is ok. I would not want to be any other way. Our Father protects us and loves us. Like he does every day.

  When the Lord brings Hope, not to far becomes Faith. It is wonderful when you have both. Praise God.

  I am so happy to be living in end days... One thing being filled after the other. 

  Thank you for listing.. I am blessed to not be of this world... We are going home soon... 

                   Jennifer B.. Aka lil bit.. Sorry, from my Army days.