Jeff Holliday (12 Nov 2011)
"National EAS radio facts"

Hello to the family here.  

Just wanted to post some corrections to some of the comments and perceptions about the EAS system.  The Emergency Broadcast System changed to the EAS system back in 1997.  Stations are required to have an EAS black box installed.  No longer do we have to manually "throw a switch".  There is a button that can be used to abort a test...but many stations are automated and the test should have fired automatically.  Our station correctly executed the test (it arrived around 7 seconds late)...and I know from our engineer that some of the secondary tones that were sent caused some station boxes to malfunction.

I agree with many here that the test itself (and it's timing) was very suspicious...and I have no doubt that this is nothing more than a precursor to a real event that won't be a test.

Just wanted to clarify some radio facts.  I have been a radio personality for 28 years and still work in the industry...and I was in the station when the test started.  Not only that, but I recorded it with my camera phone in the event that anything unusual happened.

Blessings and prayers to all.  

Your brother in Christ,

Jeff "Doc" Holliday