Jean Stepnoski (9 Nov 2011)
"The Number 73"

Dear John and Doves,
      I want to share with you what is at on page 3 with the text of Genesis 1.1=2701. In triangular Form =Sum(73) and =Sum(37) plus 3xSum(36). Under hex star points =37x73 or 19x37plus 3x666. The Creation Holograph Component: Genesis Triangles connect the Genesis 1.1=2701 with the numbers 37, 73, and multiples of 666.The Creation Triangle shown has within it 3 triangles of 666. I wonder if the date of Cheshvan 15 at Anniversary 73 of "The Night of Crystal" has something to do with an occult revelation with the Beast (antichrist) as of this day? As you know there may be a vote at the United Nations on 11-11-11.
With Love and Shalom,