Jean Stepnoski (9 Nov 2011)
"The Anniversary 73 of Cheshvan 15, 1938 on 11-11-11"

Dear Doves,
      There was a night of terror long ago in Germany, annexed Austria, and parts of Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia on 11-8 to 9 in 1938. The 73rd anniversary of this date on Cheshvan 15 will be 11-11 to 12, 2011. There are many names for this terrible night of destruction, arson, fires, broken glass, horror, terror. Kristallnacht means "Night of Crystal" or "Night of Broken Glass" or "Reichskristallnacht" or "Pogromnacht" or "Novemberpogrome. Earlier on 11-11-2011, will be a public ceremony concerning 13 crystal skulls in Los Angeles, California. It may be about a spiritually symbolic opening of the gates or portals to invite in entities of "higher understanding" of gnostic/occultic powers. Do you see the disturbing and eerie correlation of CRYSTAL skulls, 13 is a premier number in the occult, and the idea of the horrible anniversary night of broken crystal, broken glass? It gives me a really creepy vibe about the night of Cheshvan 15 beginning at sunset 11-11 to 12, which will be the start of the Jewish Sabbath. Anyone else? What do the doves feel and think about these things? It will be the anniversary of "Night of Crystal" times 73.
      The following information is from aish .com. "In one night, 1350 Jewish synagogues were burnt to the ground or destroyed; over 91 Jews were killed; 30,000 Jews were thrown into concentration camps; 7,000 businesses were destroyed; and thousands of Jewish homes were ransacked. Germany did not produce plate glass at the time, and it took Belgium's total plate glass production about 6 months to replace all the windows that were broken. To top everything off, the Jews were charged 1 billion Deutsch Marks to pay for the damages. It is hard for us to imagine the scope of destruction on Kristallnacht: Every town, every place had its little "shteibel." Germany was filled with beautiful, old synagogues that had been there for centuries. And overnight it all went up in flames. The Jews finally got the message: It was time to leave. But...where to go?" What were answers of "the final solution" for them? There were railway "cattle cars" to concentration camps, labor camps, fake shower/ extermination chambers, torture, death, crematoria. It was crystal, broken crystal/glass, which RELEASED the cruelty and the sadism, the horror and the terror. Crystal was the theme of the night which began to unfold the gruesome details of "the final solution." As before, so...?
      There is information at wikipedia about when the nocturnal riots began that terrible night. "The timing of the riots varied from unit to unit. The Gauleiters started about 10:30 pm, only two hours after news of Vom Rath's death reached Germany. They were followed by the SA at 11 pm, and the SS at around 1:20 am. Most were wearing civilian clothes and were armed with sledgehammers and axes." Tombstones were uprooted and graves violated, too. There were book burnings of prayer books, Torah scrolls, artwork, and philosophy texts.The tactics employed  were described as "approaching the goulish." It is thought that there were hundreds of suicides.
      What might happen the night of Cheshvan 15 this year? I hope and pray all will be calm on anniversary 73. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,