Jean Stepnoski (5 Nov 2011)
"Does the Hillel Calendar Apply for This Month of Cheshvan?"

Dear Doves,
      If the Blessed Hope will be on a literal third day, what does that mean? Might it be the third day of the Scriptural Week beginning for Israel on Cheshvan 10 going to 11 or Cheshvan 17 going to 18 according to the Hillel Calendar this year? Is the Hillel Calendar the one which applies? Also, which calendar begins the 70th Week of Daniel? The anniversary date of Cheshvan 10 should be significant this year on either 11-4 to 5 or 11-6 to 7. The earlier date would correspond to the outdated 360 day calendar in use in the times of Noah, relating to the conjunction time of the dark of the moon. This would alter the Hillel Calendar by 2 days. If 11-4 to 5 passes without incident, will this be a big clue to look to 11-6 to 7 as the Cheshvan 10 anniversary date to consider? If The Day of The Blessed Hope will be linked to a date or 2 dates of significance for The House of Israel members left behind, why not on 1 or 2 days important on the Hillel Calendar for Cheshvan?
      There are 3 dates of greatest significance in the week ahead, Cheshvan 10, 11, and 17. I have been alerting Doves and cautioning to seriously consider Cheshvan 10 as well as 17. I have learned that Cheshvan 11 is also very important. What was a big reason for the delay of 7 days before the rains began to fall in the days of Noah late on Cheshvan 17? It was the death of Methuselah on Cheshvan 11 and the 7 days of mourning for him. Might the bride/body of Messiah/Christ depart before the anniversary period of the days of mourning for Methuselah from Cheshvan 11 to 17? Also Cheshvan 11 is the date to elevate Rachel, the Beloved Great Matriarch, the second wife of Jacob (Israel) after her sister Leah. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, the youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob. Rachel's children were Joseph and Benjamin. Cheshvan 11 is the anniversary date of the birth and the death of Benjamin. The date of Cheshvan 11 is Yarzheit Rochel Imene, To Elevate Rachel Our Matriarch. It is the Jewish Mother's Day! Her tomb is a pilgrimage shrine, the 3rd most important in Judaism. Rachel is the powerful symbol of The Return of All The House of Israel, All the Children, to the Covenant Land. She represents Aliyah, The Return. Might there be The Separation and Departure of The Blessed Hope on the symbolic day of Rachel and The Blessed Hope of The Return? Rachel was the most lovely of all the women written about in The Torah. More significantly, she was kind and beloved. She let her sister marry Jacob, the man Rachel loved, before she did so that her less lovely sister Leah could have the joy of children and avoid the stigma of being barren! THIS WAS LOVE! Rachel postponed her personal happiness and  children with Jacob for compassion and love for her sister! Then Rachel experienced being barren herself before Joseph was born and she died young at the age of 36. BELOVED RACHEL, THE MOTHER OF MOTHERS TO REMEMBER! She personifies THE BLESSED HOPE of RETURN and RESTORATION and MATERNAL LOVE AND SACRIFICES!
      Might Cheshvan 10 to 11 from 11- 6 to 8, on the Hillel Calendar, be significant for all the symbolic anniversary dates? We shall see. Keep WATCHING, dear Doves!
With Love and Shalom,