Jean Stepnoski (22 Nov 2011)
"The Love Match of Isaac and Rebecca: Genesis 24"

Dear Doves,
      The current Torah Reading is Chayei Sarah from Genesis 23:11 to 25:18. It is reading number 5 of the Torah annual reading cycle. The highlights of the story are about the mission of the seeking of a bride for Isaac, the trust of Rebecca in Eliezer (like the name Lazarus) about Isaac, her journey to Isaac, and the love match of their wedding and marriage. Genesis 24 is like a parable about the Messiah and His bride. Abraham represented Yahweh, Isaac represented His son Yeshua (Messiah/Christ), and the servant Eliezer represented the Spirit of Yahweh. Of special interest is the belief, faith, trust of Rebecca. She trusts the word of the servant about the groom's father and Isaac. Sight unseen, she separates, leaves, and departs from her parents, family, home,  relatives,city, and country to embark to the far country. Is the bride of Messiah/ Christ like Rebecca? His bride, for the love match of the ages, reminds us of the great statement in the book of Hebrews. Hebrews 11:1 states it so beautifully well. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Rebecca journeyed far, 500 miles, to reach Isaac. She showed beautiful hospitality to Eliezer, a stranger and sojourner from a far country. She was the daughter of Milcah and Nahor and her father was Bethuel, a relative of Abraham. Abraham's brother Nahor had 8 sons and the youngest was Bethuel, the father of Rebecca. The number 8 in Hebrew gamatria is a number associated with  life beyond and new beginnings. It is a Noah number. Before she departs Rebecca is given gold and silver jewelry and new garments. We read in Revelation that the bride is given new garments without spot or wrinkle.
      The "I will go" by Rebecca was courageous. She knew Isaac not at all, yet believed what she was told. Rebecca had a generous and trusting heart, like those of the bride of Messiah/Christ! When they finally arrived, Rebecca saw Isaac in the field as he saw her. She asked, "Who is that man in the field coming to see us?" "He is my master." Isaac is like Messiah/Christ: the beloved, groom, husband, and friend who the bride is eagerly awaiting. Some day soon the faithful servant like Eliezer, the Spirit, will arrive and safely deliver the beloved bride of the ages for the Wedding of the Ages. There will be the chuppa, the unveiling, and the sublime rejoicing. Just before she threw caution to the winds and forsook all, Rebecca's family blessed her. "Our sister, may you increase to thousands upon thousands:May your offspring possess the gates of their enemies" (Genesis 24:60). Every week this blessing and prayer is still prayed on the eve of Sabbath over the daughters as a blessing. Millions of her descendants have blessed her. She had the courage and vision to say "I will go" and is an encouragement to the bride of Messiah/Christ to this day! Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,