Jean Stepnoski (22 Nov 2011)
"The Week of Christ The King: 11-19 to 26-2011 and THE WEEK?"

Dear Doves,
      The date of 11-19-2011 began the last week of the Christian Liturgical Year, the final week of the Season of Pentecost. It is the Week of Christ The King. Of interest is the Gospel reading for all Christians during this week honoring and showcasing Christ The King. The text is Matthew 25:31-46, which is the same for Roman Catholic, Revised Common, or Episcopal. It concerns the motif or theme of Christ The King, at His Second Coming with the Sheep and Goats Judgment of the Nations. Nations in The Scriptures relates to the pagans, the Gentiles. What leads up to this judgment? It is the shavua of the 70th Week of Daniel, shavua means a period of 7. It means 7 years, not days, or weeks, or months. The Nations/pagans/ Gentiles will be assessed and judged by Messiah/Christ personally as to how they have treated "the least of my brothers and sisters" belonging to Him. These individuals will be ascertained  as the righteous or the cursed. Brothers and sisters means more than followers of Him, it implies a bloodline connection to the House of Israel as brothers and sisters within the 12 tribes of Israel. Some will inherit the Kingdom, some will not. Criteria include the giving of food, drink, home hospitality, clothing, and prison visitations. Who will help in one or more of these 5 ways, and who will refuse to help? The separation into the sheep or goats has to do with the certainties of His giving either places in the Kingdom of eternal life or giving places outside the Kingdom with eternal punishment. There will be 5 criteria or variables He will consider very important. These will be for the people who do not participate in The Blessed Hope. Those so blessed in The Blessed Hope may receive 1 or more of the  5 crowns per person, the wedding presents He will give at the Bema! There are 5 for the bride of Messiah/Christ to merit before The Blessed Hope. There are 5 for the later friends to the groom and bride to symbolically give to Him, to merit, in the guise of "the least of my brothers and sisters" during the final shavua, 7 years, of the 70th Week of Daniel. There are 5 before or 5 after, it reminds of the 10 Commandments.
      Part of His Kingship, being The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, will be His giving forgiveness, mercy, and love in His justice. Part of it will be condemnation, punishment, and wrath in His justice. Might the event of The Blessed Hope be very soon for The beginning of The Great Divide, The Separation, and The Departure for the Redeemed Saints? Might it be on or before the completion of the Spiritual Week for Christians to honor Christ The King before 11-26-2011? We shall see if this great 7 year assessment period, the shavua 70, the 70th WEEK of DANIEL is about to begin! Will it be week 23 of the Season of Pentecost ending The Age of Grace, going into Daniel's last of the 70 weeks, the last week into THE WEEK? We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,