Jean Stepnoski (18 Nov 2011)
"Conclusion of the Liturgical Year (Christian) and the Scriptural Year (Israel)"

Dear Doves,
      There is a significant week and day before us soon. It concerns the ending of the Liturgical Year, the Church Year. The date of 11-19 to 20 will begin the last week of the CHRISTIAN PENTECOST SEASON, like week 24 or 25. It will honor Christ the King. At is a list of information about hymns played on their radio show that day. You can listen to hymns of past programs since the music is sublime. The next week will begin day 1 and week 1 of the new Liturgical Year, the Church Year, with the Season of Advent, on 11-26 to 27. Might the end of the Pentecost Season for Christians (not Jews at the Feast of Trumpets) from 11-19 to 26, be the time for the conclusion of the PENTECOSTAL AGE OF GRACE for Jews and in grafted in Gentiles combined? I wonder. The delay for The Blessed Hope may need the fullness to completion of the cycle of the Christian Liturgical Year?
      Thanksgiving Day will be in this final week of conclusion on 11-24-2011. The Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in 1621, 390 years ago. It has been more than 400 years, since Jamestown, Virginia was established in 1607. Might the Christian harvest feast day of Thanksgiving Day converge with the end of harvest, with the last of the olives for Israel? If so, the Spiritual Harvest would be symbolically over for Christians with the end of their Spiritual Year. With the conclusion of the Feasts of the Lord, and the fullness of harvest to conclusion of the 7 crops (species) of Israel, the major components of feasts and harvests of the Spiritual Year for Israel would be complete as well! The few months ahead for the Spiritual Year for Israel are for plowed and seeded fields, rain, and the awaiting the barley next Spring. We shall see. Bless you and your dear families, this remaining Season of Pentecost within the Age of Grace, approaching Thanksgiving Day and THE SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE OF OUR BELOVED MESSIAH/CHRIST'S FIRST ADVENT!
With Love and Shalom,