Jean Stepnoski (11 Nov 2011)
"Zechariah 12:2   "Shall be cut in pieces""

Dear Doves,
      Zechariah 12:2 warns the nations. Those who would attempt to divide Jerusalem to take a spoil will be in grave danger. In the 70th Week of Daniel, all the nations will side against the Covenant Land, the Covenant People, and Jerusalem. For those who honor and uphold the Abrahamic Covenant, there are compounded blessings according to Genesis. For those who break and dishonor it, again according to Genesis, there are compounded curses. Jerusalem will be like a cup of reeling or trembling. It will be like a heavy stone, a cutting stone. The King James translation is as follows. "All that burden themselves with it shall be cut to pieces." If a vote is taken by members of the General Assembly of the United Nations concerning affirming of a nation/state of Palestine on 11-11-11, the concept of being cut in pieces is worth remembering. Each no vote is like upholding the Abrahamic Covenant. A vote yes or abstain is like denying The covenant. Will it be like a weighing of the nations of the 193 member nations? Will some be found wanting? Later that day begins 11-12-2011, Cheshvan 15.
      As 11-11 goes to 11-12, it will be Cheshvan 15 on the Hillel Calendar. It will be the Anniversary 73 of "Kristallnacht"," the Night of Crystal", "the Night of Broken Glass" long ago in 1938. Are shards of glass dangerous? Broken crystal, shattered glass, cuts deeply and does much harm. Cutting glass or cutting stone? Either one cuts deeply and is dangerous. The date of Cheshvan 14 to 15 is 3 days from Cheshvan 17 to 18. There is the promise in The Scriptures to raise up on the third day. Might it be 3 days before Cheshvan 17-18 or 3 days after Cheshvan 14-15? Also Cheshvan 17 to 18 this year on the Hillel Calendar will be the beginning of day 3 of The Scriptural Week for Israel. Cheshvan 17 was when the rain, the deluge, began in the days of Noah. What might happen between Cheshvan 15 and 18 this year?  We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,