Jay (9 Nov 2011)
"November 8th News - Israel "Impose Deadly Sanction Now or We Will Act""

In 5 Days the World as You Know it Could End - Most Deadly Section of Sun Turning Towards us For 2 Weeks With A MASSIVE SUN SPOT THAT KEEPS GROWING-  In five days, the electric grid to the United States could be virtually destroyed in the northern Half of the United States. With 130 million people without electricity for 4 to 10 years as 350 transformers are destroyed. The entire Alaska Pipeline could erupt into a fireball. All land line telephones could be destroyed.

US President Barack Obama is backing away from crippling sanctions on Iran's central bank and an embargo on its oil trade? Even After Proof in the New IAEA Report that Iran Probably Has Nukes or Is Very Close to Getting Them?? Israel May Strike Alone Now. This was decided shortly before the International Atomic Energy Agency was due to confirm Tuesday or Wednesday, Nov. 8-9 that Iran's clandestine military nuclear program had reached the point of no-return, and after Israel intelligence experts found that Iran could build a weapon as soon as it so decided.......HOWEVER - - Dont believe everything you hear the US and Israel are doing massive military drills together larger than ever before  - If Obama was going to help Israel strike Iran do you think they would want to catch Iran off guard by making them think Obama has decided to back off even though he hasn't?? this is all rethoric...the US knows it will be involved in the war even if Israel goes alone at first cause Iran is already threatening to attack out ships etc...THERE IS NO DOUBT OBAMA WILL BE INVOLVED IN WW3 - 
Some of the Intelligence In New IAEA Report Came From Israel - Israel Demanding Immideate Sanctions on Irans National Bank - Obama Saying No?? 
Israel's Defencs Minister - Not Optomistic International Community/U.S WIll Stop Iran's Nuke Program - Hoping For Immideate Deadly Sanctions - Says "New IAEA Report Best Opportunity to Impose Them" Dobuts It Will Happen Though - " Israel is the strongest country in the region and it will stay that way."
http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=244760 BOMBSHELL!!! France Sarkozy & Obama Overheard By Number of Journalists At G-20 Meeting Nov 3rd Calling Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu a Liar - - and Obama Agreed!!!                               
"I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," Sarkozy told US President Barack Obama You're fed up, Obama responded, but I have to deal with it all day. WOW..
Russia Acusing Israel of Using Rethoric Toward Iran that Will Lead to War With Catastrophic and Unpredictable Consequences-                                                               "The threat of a military strike could lead to a major war," he warned, adding that it was now vital to calm the situation, "take a deep breath and open talks."
Western Experts Telling Israeli Newpaper - "Iran Can Build A Nuke Bomb In Three Months - Maybe Less'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Experts conclude nuclear weapons engineers from Russia, Pakistan and North Korea have been assisting Iranian scientists in their efforts to reach nuclear capability.
Iranian Website - Posted Iran's President Remarks From Nov 7th 2011 "The West has mobilized all of its forces to attack and finish us. It is as clear as day that NATO is very thirsty [eager] to attack Iran. The conditions are not normal. We are approaching the final confrontation. It will not necessarily be a military one, but possibly political ... We are reaching the height [of the confrontation]. If we are not prepared, we will suffer so greatly that we will be set back 500 years. They [NATO] wanted to attack Syria. I told the secretary general [of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon], 'tell them that if they attack Syria, the entire region will explode."
SYRIA!! 100 Killed In Over the Weekend - Despite Arab Leagues Cease Fire Plan -           Arab League Holds Emergence Meeting Saturday to Discuss Further Actions Against Syria - Over 3,000 have Been Killed Since March -
http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/149531 Obama/Clinton New World Order -  Taking Down Dictators :Egypts Mubarak  - Libyas Gadaffi - Now Going After Syrai's Assad - - BUT WHOS TAKING OVER?? NOPE!! NOT PEACEFUL PROTESTORS LIKE THEY ARE MAKING YOU BELIEVE - RATHER THE U.S IS INSTITUTING THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD / AL QAEDA TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS -
Top Muslim Declares All Christians Infidels by Quoting - Quran 5:17, “Infidels are those who declare God is the Christ, [Jesus] son of Mary,”