Jay (15 Nov 2011)
"News - Nov 13th - ALERT!! Israel - Iran WIll Have 5 Nukes By April 2012"

Note: Israel and the US and NATO are about to bomb the living hell out of Iran and start all out WW3 by the end of 2012  - probably in the next few months - - Total chaos will have erupted the EURO will have collapsed America will be in total chaos and probably the Antichrist aka Muslim (12th Imam) will be on the scene as Irans leaders are currently saying - -Biblical 7 Year Tribulation is imminent - the world is about to destroy Syria like Libya however this time Syria is much different tha Libya because they are very tight with Iran and Russia and have repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel if NATO/Obama attack like they did Libya..We are on the total brink of total ancrchy and global thermal nuclear war. and yes when Israel has hundreds of thousands of biological and chemical weapons fired at its tiny little country it will retalliate with Nukes and thats what the head of the IDF Army said recently that is not my opinion...the Iran war is the final war of the New World Order to usher in the one world currency collapse america and bring total global depopulation and anarcy to this planet. JESUS IS COMING - DONT GET LEFT BEHIND - We are out of Time  - Israel is not going to wait any longer..
http://debka.com/article/21481/ !!!!!!!! ALERT ALERT ALERT !!!!  Iran Will Have 5 Nukes By April 2012 - Only 2-3 Months Left To Stop Iran Say Israeli Leaders!!!!!!!!! - - - The Jewish leaders meeting Sunday were informed that the Obama administration had intelligence data that the US and Israel have no more than a couple of months left for striking down Iran's military weapons development by force. This will not longer be viable after Iran is armed with five nuclear bombs or warheads. ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!! WW3 MARTIAL LAW FEMA CAMPS TOTAL COLLAPSE OF GLOBAL SOCIETY IMMINNET - - - ISRAEL IS NOT GOING TO WAIT ANY LONGER WE ARE OUT OF TIME!!! WE ARE LIVING ON BORROWED TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE!!!!! NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER OBAMA ANTICHRIST 666  - BIBLICAL 7 YEAR TRIBULATION IMMINENT!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Freak!!! Israel Releases WORLDS MOST ADVANCED UAV -         Un - Manned Air Vehicle - Eitan UAV was Developed to Reach Iran and Sudan.  Eitan is 14 meters long and has 26 meter-long wings. It is able to fly for 20 hours straight at a maximum speed of 143 Knots and reach a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet. It weighs five tons and can carry up to one ton.
Mid-East War Fears After Iranian Missile Storage Facility Base Blasts Possibly Blamed On Israel and After Syria's Arab League Membership Suspension !!!
Netanyahu "World Must Stop Iran Now" No Time Left - 2-3 Months
Thousands of pro-Assad protesters storm Saudi Arabian, French and Turkish consulates in Syria, and the Qatari embassy in Lebanon.
IDF conducts drill simulating soldier abduction, following security threats. Drill conducted amid severe threats of abductions following the completion of the Shalit prisoner swap.
US blog: Mossad Behind Iran Military Missile Storage Facility Blast
Blogger Richard Silverstein claims Israel orchestrated explosion that killed 17 at Iranian missile storage facility, in collaboration with local militant group
North Korea "Threat of US, Israeli strike on Islamic Republic could lead Mideast into disaster "
Obama - " Not Ruling Out Military Option For Iran."
http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=245519 - Iran Burries Head Architect Of Its Missile Defense Program After A Mysterious Blast Destroys Him and A Long Range Missile Storage Facility - INTELLIGENCE Tells TIME Magzine - Israel Behind the Blast
Israeli Defense Minister - Refering to Iran Blast - "MAY THERE BE MORE LIKE IT"
Iran Admits to New Stutnex - Like Virus Infecting Nuclear Facilities -  Like the One in 2010 that Israel and US Sent to Destroy and Set Back Iran's Program by a Full Year..
Israel's Foreign Minister to France - Send the French Foreign Legion and Get Rid Of U.N Peace Keeps - Girls Bearing Olive Branches and Israel Will Lift the Gaza Blockade - -
Really? Russia Opposing Abab League Decesion to Suspend Syria For Slaughtering 4,000 People -
IMPORTANT - Israel Votes to With Hold Palestinian Tax Transfer Funds - Tax Refunds - - - Critical For PA to Survive - Israel Punnishing PA For By-Passing Peace Talks With Israel - Violationg Oslo Agreements and Making Unilateral Decesions Against Israel - ISRAEL BEGINS PLAYING HARDBALL!!!
Irans Leaders Believe the End of Days Have Come and the 12 Imam Will Be Here Soon - -  Must Nuke Israel First He Says - Then Our Messiah Will Come -
By most accounts, Shia scholars believe the Mahdi will first appear in Mecca and conquer the Middle East, then establish the headquarters of his global Islamic government—or caliphate—in Iraq. But there is not universal agreement. Some believe he will emerge from the well at the Jamkaran Mosque in Iran and then travel to Mecca and Iraq. Some say that he will conquer Jerusalem before establishing his caliphate in Iraq. Others believe Jerusalem must be conquered as a prerequisite to his return.
Prime Minister of Britian Warns - Global Catastrophe if EURO Collapses!!!!! Greece Itally Debt Default Imminent - - "If the Single Currency Breaks Up its Going to be a Global Catastrophe."
Turkey to take ‘resolute stance’ against Syria, says no longer possible to trust Damascus - ALERT - - Isaiah 17 War Prophecy and Destruction of Damascus Imminent!!!