Jan Loots (8 Nov 2011)
"To Sara B Re: Firecharger"

Sara I cannot agree with you more, every day when I lock in, I look at the list to find Firecharger’s name.

May you be blessed and I pray that the Holy Spirit will always quid you in your work.


Jan Loots


Sara B (7 Nov 2011)
"Re: Firecharger"

Dear Firecharger, There are No Words to express how you and your videos have impacted us and we were so happy to see you post on Doves. We pray for your safety driving on the road and for the Lord to watch over you. I tell you this...  We have rarely seen  Christians saved for 30 years that have as much knowledge and been as faithful as you are, who has only been saved for a few years! We see Jesus when we watch you and your sincerity and we have to tell you that when we watched your 3 new videos this am the Lord gave us a clear word re you: No Kidding...He said "That is My Boy"!!!! Wow! Also we were amazed that you are the same age as Jesus was in his ministry! Keep the faith, we cover you and your family with the Blood of Jesus and pray for your unsaved loved ones! Please keep posting on Doves so we can keep track of your ministry.
Sara B and Family