James Foo (8 Nov 2011)
"A Legacy of Grace"

Dear John & Doves

This is a sad, Joyful and Hopeful event of afterlife



A Little Girl's Vision of Heaven Before Her Death

This event happened in 1989 to an 8 year old girl, in my own city,
suffering from cancer. I attended this girl's funeral Mass and wrote
about the event in my journal of May 30, 1989. The girl's family are
friends of friends. I do not doubt the authenticity of the story as it
was attested to by a number of people and my sources were reliable.

On May 30, 1989, I wrote " ....... that girl who died last Friday,
died in her mother's arms, smiling. She told her mum that she saw
something like a large white house and there were men singing. The
priest at her funeral explained that the girl saw 'joyful people'
calling her saying 'keep going".

My friends gave an account of what happened.  I am inspired each time
I hear it and it gives me much hope. I pray it will do the same for
all those with loved ones who are dying.

The little girl was in her mother's arms and the mother could hear her
saying, "Keep going, keep going". The mother asked her why she was
saying that and the girl said that she could see a tunnel with a big
light at the end of it and could hear joyful people saying the words.

Two extra things occured which are very moving. The girl died in her
mother's arms, just after her father got home (and was able to say
goodbye to him as well), and my friends say that the mother knew she
had reached the 'joyful people' when she closed her eyes and died with
a smile on her face.