Jacquel Neff (8 Nov 2011)
"Possibly some significance to this story"

Hi John! I'm a avid reader of 5 doves, and I've never posted anything on here before, I'm not very computer savvy. Anyway, I heard a story last week on the news and it struck me as very odd in how it happened. A pair of giant sequoias that were 1500 years old, 300 feet tall,17 feet in diameter, and fused at their base, fell as a handful of tourists looked on. The forest service isn't sure why they fell, as this has never happened before. To me, this is VERY telling in light of the whole 11 thing. Two giant healthy trees fall directly across the trail in daylight with witnesses! And a German guy recorded the crash. This kind of thing has a message written all over it I think! This happened in California at sequoia national forest. I thought it might be of interest on 5 doves, but I don't know how to link articles and stuff like that. Maybe you might check it out, and let someone post something on it, if you suspect their would be any significance to the story. May God bless all your hard work! In Christ, Jacquel Neff
Thanks, Jacquel.
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