Jacquel Neff (19 Nov 2011)
"9 year old vision of the explosions that recently happened in Iranian base blast"

      Jacquel Neff------------- I realize that most of the dreams and visions that many people share with all of us here on 5 doves, have a lot of significance. While we are waiting for our Lord to come and rapture us out of here, it is always encouraging when we see some of them come to pass!  Although, some may be a view of the future AFTER the rapture, and we may not personally see them come to pass.  Whenever something happens in the world that is significant, I try to recall some of the many visions that I have read about, to see how they match up to the event. I have waited a few days before posting this vision because I was certain someone else would have posted this confirmation first! When I recalled this vision that I read about 6 months ago, I knew I wanted to save it to my favorites. What happened in Iran on Saturday, has come to pass!! I am certain this was a perfect fulfillment of a vision by Jeannette L.Vetter posted on White Stone Ministries. The vision was titled "The Button". Scroll down her web page until you see the picture of a timer, and click on it. (I am not very good at the computer and don't know how to do links yet). This vision was given to Jeannette 9 or so years ago, and she only recently decided to make this vision public. It is AMAZING as the details continue to surface from DEBKAfile (which is my favorite news site that reports on middle east events) and that the latest confirming info was brought to my attention by a post that Alan Clark posted on the 18th. "The Riddle of the Iranian Base blast". The base was laid waste except for the absence of radioactivity, the article states. When you read this vision, and see how God said He would contain the explosion and destruction upon Iran, I am sure you will agree considering the details in both the vision and the actual event!! We are in the final lap of this race Doves, and the end is in site! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacquel Neff