Grace (8 Nov 2011)
"Unusual Dream With A Message"

Dear John & Doves
In the early morning of Tue 8 Nov 2011, I had a dream of travelling to several unknown places.
In the midst of it, I saw something like a piece of paper with the words "NOVEMBER and MOON", followed by the word "CHRISTMAS". Next, there was a loud voice exclaiming to me: "YOU WILL NOT BE HERE FOR CHRISTMAS"
Then a few random travelling scenes continued. I woke up feeling rather disturbed, when I suddenly remembered the words and voice in the dream.
In fact, I was confused. And I wondered if any of you had ever come across dreams, mentioning you would not be here for Christmas? I even went to search online for anything similar. From search results, found out in old RITA forum about someone, by the name of Stephanie, also being told she will not be around for Christmas. If you want to see, her post is at
As far as November 2011 is concerned, I only know that there is a Partial Solar Eclipse on Black Friday 25 NOV 2011, where the Moon is involved in this celestial event. Last one for the year will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday 10 DEC 2011.
Disclaimer: This is not a prophecy. Only wish to share. Please read with discernment.
Keep Watch,