Gerry Almond (5 Nov 2011)
"To: All....Look up, our redemption draws near...perhaps November 10/11, 2011"

With EVERYTHING that is going on this week. I felt I should enter yet another blog.  Bro. Ron Reese and I have been in contact about these days, and I agree in with his analyses of the times.   Nothing in here is new, it has in one form or another been posted before, but it bears repeating, I think.

There are four avenues that I wish to address.  They are:

1.    The sign of Noah, relative to the 120 years comparison between his time to construct an ark, get in it, and be saved from massive destruction (flooding).
2.    The sign of Noah, after entering the ark, relative to the day counts within the confines and safety of the ark.  
3.    The sign of Daniel, in his count of 21 days delay that occurred when the captives of Israel were to be freed.
4.    The sign in the heavens, i. e. the constellation Virgo and Revelation 12.

I will take them one by one below:

First, the sign of Noah relative to 120 years.  In Noah’s day, the earth was pristine and near perfect in its orbit around the sun.  The earth was blanketed with a wall of water suspended in orbit around it.  This diffused the sunlight, as well as filtered it so that climate was as perfect as one could get it.  The poles slightly tilted in order to have seasons, but the temperature was nearly constant year around.  It had never rained but a dew came up from the underground water system that watered the flora every night.  It dried up every day.  In the course of this, God told Noah that “the end of all flesh has come before me” in Gen 6.  In 120 years time, Noah was to construct a large ship/ark, that would protect him at the time of full destruction.  The number of days God gave him totaled  120 years x 360 days per year for a total of 43,200 days.  That was all, that’s it, kaput.  During that time, the ark was built and was ready by the appropriate time.  

Second, the sign of Noah relative to the days within the ark.  He and his family were instructed to enter the ark.  The great door by which the animals were loaded was shut, and the rains began that very day.  These rains came from an asteroid, or heavenly body of some sort which must have hit the earth, because the orbit was elongated lengthening the year and causing the water blanket to drop from the sky.  It took 40 days and nights for the water to fall.  The earthquakes caused by the heavenly body also broke up the great fountains of the deep earth, and water spouted up extremely high and under great pressure from the earth.  The highest hill was eventually covered to the depth of 20 cubits.  This was at least 30 feet above the land.  Because the people of that day were no doubt very large, as tall as maybe 25 feet?, a cubit could have been longer, since the measurement was from elbow to fingertip, but even if the people were our size, 30 feet was enough to float the ark over the hills.  But, earthquakes broke up the land masses, shoved them together, and mighty mountains rose up out of the water, stranding fish on the mountain tops.  Great valleys were formed (Grand Canyon?) as well and the cold temperatures of colder atmospheric space created an ice age all the way down to what is now Indiana, U. S. A.  That meant that Mount Ararat just barely missed the ice.  The ark came to rest in the “mountains (plural) of Ararat”.  Noah exited the ark on the 365th day after his entry into it.

Third, the sign of Daniel the prophet, in his 21 days delay when the captives of  Israel were to be freed.  Daniel had been reading the prophecy of Jeremiah and he found in what is now Jer 29:18 the promise of God that the Babylonian captivity would last for 70 years exactly.  Daniel was taken captive on his 17th birthday and he was now on his 87th birthday.  Guess what?  The Israelites were still in captivity.  This upset the prophet a lot because he believed God explicitly.  So, what did Daniel do?  He gathered some friends, went to the Hidikel river bank, and fasted and prayed along with them for 21 full days.  At the end of these days, when the 21 days had FULLY come, he had a vision.  In the vision, he became as a dead man, struck down with his face on the ground.  The heavenly messenger said to him “Peace”.  He then told Daniel to rise and he got up on all fours, still extremely weak.  Then He touched him and he stood, strong.  He, Daniel was told that he was greatly beloved and that his prayer (for the release of his people) was heard the first day he prayed, 21 FULL days ago.  The Messenger had now come for his words (of prayer).  This experience includes “death”, resurrection, and rapture, due to the vision.  It is a picture of what we, the Church will experience at His appearing.  Just remember the 21 FULL days of delay.

Fourth, The sign in the heavens, i. e. the constellation Virgo and Revelation 12.  On September, Rosh Hashana this year, a great sign appeared in the heavens in the constellation Virgo.  It fulfilled Revelation 12 which saw a woman clothed with the sun, with 12 stars on her head, the moon at her feet and who was in great labor to deliver a child who would rule the nations with a rod of iron.  There appeared a dragon which drew 1/3 of the stars of heaven to earth and which sought to devour the newborn child as soon as it was born.  In her womb was the planet Venus, the “bright and morning star” representing Jesus, and also Saturn, the dragon star, representing the devil, that old serpent.   Venus exited the womb of Virgo on October 4, 2011, and the dragon star Saturn will exit the womb of Virgo on November 11, 2011.  Revelation 12 says that the child was “caught up to God and His throne” before the dragon could do his evil deed.  The child consists of two parts, a head and a body.  Jesus Christ is the head, and the true Church is the body. Both are caught up to God, which is the rapture event.


1.    120 years x 360 days in Noah’s day = 43,200 days.  In our day, the nation Israel has been given exactly (and no more) 43,200 days until she enters the Kingdom Age.  This began after 1, 827 years in dispersion, being pushed from pillar to post by the gentile nations of the world until Statesman Theodor Herzl became the founder of what this paper will call MODERN ISRAEL.  So, God called his people back to Palestine after 1,827 years on August 31, 1897.  This is when the first Zionist Congress was held and when the British Empire “looked favorably” on the return of Jews to Palestine.  Because the Ottoman Empire was at war with the British Empire at the time, Herzl offered support of the Jewish people to England in exchange for the declaration.  Now count exactly 43,200 days after this LANDMARK date and you arrive at December 7, 2015.  This is picture perfect for the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy to fall on October 29/30, 2008 (when Barack Obama made his speech for 30 minutes to MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS, promising to covenant with them to CHANGE THE WORLD and of course, the U. S. A.  Exactly 1,260 days later, the end of the first ½ of the 70th week of Daniel will be April 11/12, 2012.  This begins the Great Tribulation when the A/C will proclaim himself to be God in Jerusalem.  Exactly 1,260 days later is September 23/24, 2015, the end of the Great Tribulation.  Add to this the 30 days and 45 days found in Daniel chapter 12, added to the vision at the insistence of Daniel, by the archangel Michael, and you have December 7/8, 2015.  This makes the first day of the KINGDOM AGE to be December 8, 2015.  THIS MATCHES PERFECTLY THE TETRADS OF ECLIPSES, made known by the work of Pastor Mark Biltz and popularized by such sites as Prophecy in the News, and others.  IT FITS, IT MATCHES, IT IS TRUE.
2.    The sign of Noah, relative to the days in the ark.  The counts are carefully delineated in Genesis 7 and 8.  They are as follows:                                                   
a.    40 days while the rains poured down.
b.    110 days after the rains before the ark hit land.
c.    74 days after landfall until the cover was opened.
d.    40 days more until the release of the raven
e.    7 days after the raven until dove #1 was sent out.
f.    7 days after the first dove, # 2 was sent out
g.    7 days after the second dove, # 3 went out and returned with a sprig
h.    22 days more before the ark was uncovered.
i.    57 days additional for the ground to dry completely
j.    1 day for exiting the ark

The total days are 365 or 1 solar year.  Noah did not yet know that the year had been extended by the elongated orbit of earth around the sun by 5.24219 more days.  His year now would be 365.24219 days from then on.  In our day, this sign is being fulfilled, I believe, by the count of days commencing 11/11/11.  A number of sources have this day as a very important event day, not the least of which is the occultic meaning assigned by the Illuminati to this.  A count of 40 days from this date, inclusive of this date yields December 20/21, another occultic day relating to the Tower of Babel days of Nimrod, just after the great flood.  Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod, called the Queen of Heaven back then, gave birth to a son named Tammuz.  She declared that he was killed by a wild boar on the winter solstice, December 21.  Then, she declared that he arose from the dead three days later on December 23 as it became 24, which is Christmas eve today.  A great celebration was held after which the Tower was started to be built.  (Source:  Dr. Harry Ironside, theologian and researcher).  This date is very much part of the satanic scheme to thwart the coming of Jesus Christ as savior of the world.  The mystery religion of that day even used the “T” as the symbol of Tammuz, just as the cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ.  That religion still thrived in the days of Ezekiel, when trees were cut down and decorated as offerings to the Queen of Heaven (Semiramis).   It happens that 11/11/11 is 40 days before this date.  But, even beyond that, the next number 110 days is April 8/9, 2012, the day that EVIDENTLY the a/c will receive his deadly head wound after which he will rise on April 11/12, 2012.  I can only guess as to the next count of 74, but I suppose it  could be when the mark of the beast is finalized.

3.    The sign of Daniel the prophet, in his 21 days delay when the captives of Israel were to be freed.  The delay picture of Daniel applies to us today, I am convinced.  This year, Rosh Hashana was on September 29/30, 2011.  The three feasts of the Autumn season,  New Year, Atonement, and Tabernacles totals 21 days.  The last day of Tabernacles, when the booths were torn down ( a picture of the rapture as we drop our bodies in exchange for new ones) was October 20/21.  This was the date of the rapture, I believe.
4.    The sign in the heavens, i. e. the constellation Virgo and Revelation 12. Like the experience of Daniel, in chapter 10 of his book, there is now war in heaven, which will result in the casting down of satan and his angels (1/3 of the heavenly host).   Exactly 21 FULL days later, which will be November 10/11, 2011 this casting down should take place.  This makes the rapture actually occur on November 10 as it goes to 11.  Remember in the constellation Virgo, the birth of Saturn from the womb occurs on 11/11/11.  This may be coincidental, but I think not.  I think it is that the rapture will occur a split second before satan arrives on earth to devour the child, the Church glorious, the body of Christ, the head of the newborn infant of the constellation Virgo.  

All of the above makes imminent sense to me.  And further, the multitude of events that are crashing down on humanity right now makes it even more plausible.  Israel is on the verge of war, as is the U. S. A. and the United Kingdom.  Iran (the prince of Persia – see Daniel 10), the same angel that Michael had to fight back in Daniel’s day is prevalent again, trying to prevent the rapture.  

Pray folks, and prepare to meet your God.  In other words, look up, for your redemption draws nigh.  It will be exciting to meet you in Glory.

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.


Gerry Almond