Gerry Almond (11 Nov 2011)
"Dream of violent middle east...."

My wife has been hospitalized for 97 days.  She is weak and not as mentally astute as she was.  The trauma has left her awhile to go in order to fully recover.  She will come home today 11/11/11.

She had a dream that she related to me on 11/10/11.  She has never had a dream like this before at any time in her 71 years of life. It startled her.  The dream occurred 11/9 as it went to 11/10.  In her dream, she saw a great battlefield in the country of Iran.  There were planes flying everywhere dropping bombs and firing missiles and the countryside was on fire.  She did not see any of the wing markings on the planes, whether Israeli, American, etc.  Then, she heard a newscast reporting that Damascus, Syria was totally destroyed.  End of dream.

When she related this dream to me, she was very lucid.  At the end of the report, she returned to fuzziness again.  I think the Lord was in this and I am reporting it to you for your edification.

Look up, our redemption draweth nigh

Gerry Almond