Gerlinda (9 Nov 2011)
"Jacquel -  2 huge Redwood trees"

Jacquel, concerning your story about the two Giant Redwood Trees, I did look it up and found one of the links that includes video.  Since the World of the New Agers have their plans going strong to bring in a whole New Order with those 13 Occult Crystal Skulls finishing up their trek across America on the 11-11-11 at the Gateway on the West Coast  in California,  the One who is really in charge, The Creator,  may have just sent a giant message, saying, in essence, "You may think you are free to do as you please and I will allow it for a short while but your New World Order will also fall.... I created and I will destroy those that are against me." 
An Additional bit of information.  This happened at 1:11 on Sept. 30th.
I can't help but think of  the tree planted at the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem for Corrie Ten Boom and how it died the day that she died?  We saw it while in Israel or I should say, we saw the replanted one in her honor, much shorter now than the others planted in honor of the gentiles who helped the Holocuast victims.
The Whole World is in His Hands.  Doesn't that just make one smile?   Amen!
Thank you for sending that on Jacquel
"Possibly some significance to this story"