Gerlinda (9 Nov 2011)
"Alert of activity"

Intel Rural Texas Activity/E-mail From Listener

November 8, 2011

I live in North Texas and have not seen this activity. My friend Brian is in rural central texas near Waco.

His mother became extremely alarmed and called to report much unusual activity on her trip to the doctor this morning. Many many utility trucks everywhere, some unmarked most with yellow lights going - but not doing anything. This activity was observed - and all of it is very unusual for these small towns. it does seem to fit with the possibility that they are about to cut all communications and lock everything down. perhaps BEFORE 11 9 11.

Observed 20 - 30 utility trucks in this small rural area - many unmarked. yellow lights on.

Man in police jacket that said POLICE on the back, but did not appear to be a local policeman was directing traffic at a light that was not broken. It was working. A man on the side was observing. There was a row of 10 white cars.

1/3 mile away. she saw a black vehicle with government plates, no markings.

10 miles further there was a military vehicle that had the front end of an 18 wheeler with a 10 wheel flatbed behind it.

Marlin Tx cell phone would not work. all communications were down when she was there this morning. the doctor's office had no internet. or phones. there was NO ONE in the office. that never happens

she asked for a 3 month prescription and the dr agreed but never has before. then the pharmacy was only going to fill 3 days.

Chilton tx there were 3 small tankers as if they were going to spray the community. one was rust colored one was black and one was camo. they were sitting in a field.

leaving chilton she saw a new triangular sign that said SLOW DOWN CHECKPOINT AHEAD .. but there was no checkpoint yet.

a mile further, there were 10 bulldozers in a field.

a little further there was a chokepoint in place. there were orange construction barrels filled will sand blocking the shoulder as if ready to shut down that exit.

there were no police cars at the police station - and that is very unusual . there were encore trucks, time warner cable and a BEARCOM truck. (independent UHS communications). .

in the back of Walmart , there were utility trucks pre positioned -- from Encore and Time Warner.

Hewitt - there was an Encore truck working on a street light - which is the wrong utility to work on street lights.

the birds in the area are roosting on hi line wires. . not normal.

grasshoppers in their yard are scrunched up as if something is weighing them down. they cannot jump

UNUSUAL Red White and Blue dump truck in Hewitt, tx --- Not a trash truck. It has some sort of claw on the front for picking up something and putting in the back of the dump truck. It is marked TRINITY. never saw it before.

God Bless you.