Gerlinda (5 Nov 2011)
"Fay - Happy to hear you are doing research"

Dear Fay,  I am happy to hear you are doing research to show who the real insitgators are that would blame the Jews for all the ills of the world.  This article that covers The Protocol of the Learned Elders tells quite a bit about this.
Now on a thought I have begun to consider is just how deeply you may have been involved in the Occult as a "Witch".  I have a feeling that it was not as deep as most would suspect..... otherwise..... I believe there is no way you would  make such a casual thing out of this particular night of sacrifice.  Yes, you are correct, there are other Sabbats that take place through-out the year of shedding of blood and consuming it for those that practice the dark side rituals.  Since the world in general is not even aware of them, they can only relate to Halloween.  Perhaps, you are not acquainted with these Fallen Angels who would be gods as you portray, right?  While you do your research on above subject, keep in mind that they practice these very things as they seek their New World Order.  God warned against anyone having anything to do with this because He knew where it would lead and where they , in turn, could lead others.
Praise God for His Only Begotten Son whom shed His blood to set us free,