Gerlinda (29 Nov 2011)
"for Rowina"

Rowina,   I also enjoyed the journey that you took us of your geneology.  And, I absolutely do agree that you probably have more Jewish blood than Netanyahu.  I understand that his father migrated down from Russia.    I wanted to tell you that I have a friend whom is a former Morman. (whom keep explicit records at their Temple) whose geneology goes back to Scotland/Ireland just as yours and he has that same haplogroup J1C as you have by having his test done through a simple saliva swab for both his father and his mother. He even found out that it went further back to the Middle East area.   What made him seek this out is that he had heard that Prince Charles has RH O negative blood type, the same as his.  My friend is one of the red haired Irish/Scots.
My adopted father was Irish and what was so interesting is that I fit in so well with that  family because of the freckles, blue eyes. dark hair  which my biological mother did not have.  I happen to have RH A negative blood type, she RH O negative.  I read a few years ago that Israel was putting out an emergency appeal  for RH Negative blood...preferably O which anyone can receive safely.... since that is the dominant type there.   Please, let it be know that one can have Jewish lineage and have positive blood but it takes both parents to have RH negative blood type to make an RH negative child. 
That brings up the evidence of the blood type found on the Shroud of Turin which is RH A/B negative, the most rare of all blood types, which apparently belonged to Jesus' human mother Mary of the Tribe of Judah.  King David, whom you and Edwina mentioned both mentioned, played his 10 string Harp was in her geneology.  By the way, I had learned that Noah, King David and also Jesus Christ himself had blondish red hair with blue eyes. 
The report by Ron Wyatt whom found the blood found at the crucifixion site down below in Jeremiah's Cave that he had tested by a Jewish Labatory, that it also was RH A/B negative and had only half the normal chromozomes of a human with a single Y from His Heavenly Father.  That blood was still alive.   That was Ron Wyatt's professional field so I can see where he would have been compelled to have it tested.   It sure gives one a lot of food for thought about the importance of the blood and how the scripture speaks of that which was spilled cries out for retribution. 
Thanks Rowina,