Gerlinda (29 Nov 2011)
"John B  re: False holy Spirit Invading the Churches"

Doves,  It is time for true Christians to open their Spiritual Eyes and see this for what it is.   Go ahead and take time to read the article posted by John B. but the video I want to point out is seen on the right page of the article and is the one called,
"False Holy Spirit Invading the Church". 
I grew up in the Catholic faith, later became a born-again Christian and attened a Pentecostal Church for 40 years.   In 2004.... I began to see things that really bothered me; holy laughter, hopping up and down like on a pogo stick which was quickly followed by more exhibts of people doing shameful things.  Then, I saw the Pentecostal Church open their arms to welcome the Eccumenical Movement by holding week-end retreats together.    Years of learning what scriputre teaches and having seen authentic Holy Spirit meetings, I knew that we had to leave when our  warnings were not heeded by our young pastor.  I feel for Charles that writes about his Catholic family because my own family is still within the clutches of her trappings. 
I thank John B. for posting this news.  Much I've seen before but I  have wondered  how many others within the churches are becoming aware of the apostosy within their own denominations.  It is not just within Rome or the Far Eastern religions.  I'm afraid that there are more rather than less  that have taken up this "Freedom of Worship and Love Brotherhood" by throwing out the center of our worship, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Apostosy has not only begun but is heading full steam into the Station of Hell, itself.  This is another sign that our "Catching Away" can't be far behind. 
Thank you again John B.  gerlinda