Gerlinda (26 Nov 2011)
"Harp verses Chemo and Radiation"

Rowina,  I'm sending on this information to you.  I truly believe God slammed all the doors to your pursuing the avenue of chemo. for your health.  Keep putting that wonderful Harp music near your bosom, listen to it's heavenly vibrations and do whatever else you are able to do in addition to prayer, etc. and you will be flying up there with the rest of us whom are able to hold out for that Soon Coming Day.  I did not get to see the shop where the Harps were made when in Israel those 3 times but like you, I did see King David's Coffin drapped in dark blue with it's gold decorating threads.  I am so short, I climbed up the little wall and stoof between the bars to get a better view.....the Hebrews continued their studies....paying no mind to us until someone in our group used a word that offended them.  Then, not even knowing why, we all got herded out of there very quickly.  It was quite a lesson to our group of how loosely words are used, giving no thought of the consequences.  It is a Land like no other, isn't it Rowina?
Love & Prayers,

Stay Away From Chemotherapy and Radiation
To the person who inquires how can an essentially worthless therapy continue to be used as the answer is simple. It is all about money. Chemotherapy drugs bring in more than a trillion dollars annually to the pharmaceutical industry. Oncologists frequently make (actually the number can now be over $50,000 per injection) $1000 from every injection administered to a patient. There are 40 National Cancer Institute Centers scattered across the USA........
by Dr. James Howenstine