Gerlinda (24 Nov 2011)
"Edwina....The 10 string harp"

Edwina, your message about the 10 string Harp, as told by the Jewish Woman, brought goose bumps to both my husband and I (both times we listened).  What a testimony of the Rauch ha Kodesh to witness of Our God's touch of love, not only to you, but anyone that should hear this story and listen to the music.  
So, you have a smaller harp and have returned it's notes to these?  May it, as it is held to your bosom, bring complete healing to your body and spirit as WE AWAIT THE RETURN OF THE MESSIAH.  Thank you for sharing Edwina.
And, may it also bring healing to all those that open this link you sent and listen to this unusual 10 string harp.
Love & Prayers go up for you,