Gerlinda (23 Nov 2011)
"Yes Suzi, it is getting ridiculous"

"To Gerlinda-Hold that 'beaten to death horse'!!"

You said:

'Dear John & Doves, Please link into this warning, listen to these two Jesus loving men as they give their warnings about El Hierro getting worse. Then go into the comments below and, even though the one is from the writings of Nosterdomus, the warning is that when Canis Minor (located over El Hierro) is, the flip of the earth would begin and the date he gives is in the year of 2011, on the date of Dec. 20/21. They give Biblical scriptures and they also speak of "Wormwood", which I believe could be that satellite that, when it falls somewhere, it will pollute the waters, fish, etc. because of the tons of poisonous chemicals aboard. God help us to warn our families, friends and whom-ever comes into our path. gerlinda'
*bold/italic/RED letter's my emphasis*

Please explain to me how you can 'ride that 'Halloween" horse to death', yet post about the teachings of one of the major masters of the dark arts and even consider it valid. Before, when my views were treated with an air of contempt and condemnation, it irked me, actually made me feel a bit of pity for someone to live so much in fear that they would willingly GIVE one of God's day's to Satan. Now, here you go posting this, going to far to say that God helps us to warn our families...with the writings of a mad, spiritually influenced man who every Christian knows was NOT getting his info from God.

Make up your mind or take the log out of your eye.

This is getting ridiculous. It seems to me that you are quick to see the devil in the least little thing, but when he's standing right in front of you, you bring his words here to 'help' people?

I a feeling less and less 'at home' here.


Suzi, I will try my best to reply to your letter.
1.  Why do you feel less and less 'at home" here......didn't you read Mary Anne's, post (I believe it was) that you are loved by all the Doves?    You, the person, despite differing opinions, are loved even by those of us that have contrary opinions because we know that is what this whole link is about; respecting each others posts, trying not to get our feelings hurt but being honest in our understanding of the Word of God and trying to learn from each other.
2.  My question to you:  "Who is it that contacted whom first regarding this topic on Oct. 21st. "?
3.  There were others, beside me, who disagreed with you: Nichole, Bob Ware, Frank Molver, Mary, Leigh.
4.  Don't we understand what is taking place in this "corrupt, Last Days world, by better understanding  what drives these people to bring about their Pagan New Order?  I sure did learn a lot through the 13 Skulls trek to Mexico, which lead to Jonathan Kleck's teaching on Hoover Dam.  Poor Jonathan sure had his very inner core hurt by those that ridiculed him yet he was correct about the Occult occurances that Jehovah God showed him through His Holy Spirit.  Did his hitting upon those subjects mean he had a beam in his eye?  Or was he being used to help nominal Christians better understand the wiles of the Devil who still has authority in this world until the day that Jesus Christ binds him up for 1,000 years.  Cutting Edge has used the pagan Illuminati Card Game to illustrate the plans by the Evil One against God's people. 
5.  I posted the above link and pointed out that one comment, which referred to Nostradomus' Quatrans, gave some information of the position of certain stars at such a future day, which seems to be going on right now that could bring the flip of the earth.  Yes, he was not a believer in God, from all indications and called "mad' by some.  Yet, from what we do know about him, he was accurate in all he said, even predicting his own day of death.   Since the sources of these understandings come from the Fallen Angels and are being heeded by the Illuminati, perhaps, we should compare what is said to what the Word of God warns us would come against us all of these days until Jeshua returns.   All, the more to appreciate and use the Armour of God.   The Church has been so busy calling it all  Astrology when God Himself spoke to Job about the message in the Stars as Astronomy.  Seth was the chief among Adam's children to understand this science.  Satan & his fallen angels once held positions in the heavens, understand their paths and purposes, which they've transfered onto mankind therefore there is much more to all of this than we know.  They are working the numbers and hope to win the final round with Jesus Christ Himself.
So Suzi, I don't ride the Halloween Horse to death (wish I could) nor park it's broom in my home either.  You like to say, "Every Day is the Lord's" yet you must surely understand that Satan still has free reign as ruler of this earth until he is confronted by Our Saviour's Coming.   Then, Revelation 19, finally, shows it's fourfold Halleluhahs telling us that this world's system of Babylon is defeated at His Appearing, the Word of God riding on His White Horse will seize the Beast, False Prophet and they will be thrown in the Lake of Fire.  Chapter 20:2  tells us that He laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years.