Gerlinda (21 Nov 2011)

Dear Rowina,
I read your letter but unlike you, I see the Lord God of Rowina intervening on your behalf to keep you from furthur treatments that will not enhance or prolong your life but cause the opposite effect.  The medical field will either cut, burn or poison their patients suffering with cancer......of that I have become convinced except in rare occassions when a growth can be removed without spreading the cancer cells. 
Nationwide in the water we drink, over 2,100 organic and inorganic chemicals have been identified and 156 of them are pure carcinogens.  We know that life is in the blood and vital oxygen is needed to help our cells heal themselves. 
Have you heard of Essiac?  It is a proven cure for all cancers.  Rene Caisse, who was living in Canada, treated, over a period of 60 years, hundreds of people with this herbal rememdy.  The Royal Cancer commission hearings had come to the same conclusion that Rene had - that Essiac was a cure for cancer.
Beware of cheaper health food store herbs, many are irradiated and impotent!    Essiac is being used in every state in the US, Canada, Mexico, australia, Europe, Asia and also Africa. 
I was given this information by a Christian friend.  How I wish I had known this when my own parents had cancer.  I have an address which happens to be in Az.  127 McCain Dr., Mt. View, Ar. 72560.  Call 870-269-4177 (Mon-Fri. 9-5 CST)  Call them for their information.  They will help you get the right herbs to make your tea that you will drink daily.  You will have to be sure to have pure water, which they will give information also, I'm sure.
Dear Rowina,  When I prayed for you after reading your post, I felt like the words, "See! I am coming."  were given for you.  I noticed the word....See....was given very strongly.  I hope & pray that Jeshua lets you know with clariety what it is you should do as He is on His Way.  I also pray that family would come to your aid.....that you would not be alone in the physical fight.
Love, Your Sister in the Lord,