Gerlinda (2 Nov 2011)
"Rowina - treatment at Mayo on 11-11-11"

To Rowina,  I read your post and my heart goes out to you.  You've a tug-of-war going on, don't you?  May I share with you a little something?  My father had Cancer.  He was given 6 months to live without treatment.  He spent time traveling to us here in Wi. from ND  to undergo Radiation.  Back home in ND, he once again was told  he had to returned to undergo it some this top University Hospital.    During that time, he was so miserable with the train traveling, throwing up, wearing that urninary bag and life's discomfort, he was more dead than alive.  He passed away 6 months later after losing over 1/2 of his body weight at the age of 48. 
On the other hand, my mother also had cancer, given 6 weeks  to live and declined going through what my father did.  She passed away in 5 weeks.  What am I saying Rowina?  From personal observation I learned first hand that God knows the very number of hairs on our head and He, alone, determines the length of our days.  We can't add to them and we aren't to take away from them (suicide).   You probably think that this is easy for me to say.  Let me get to myself.  
Nearly 7 years ago, I suffered the 10th  fall on my already broken tail-bone which was bent at a 3/4 angle that I suffered many years earlier when thrown from a horse along with  2 broken vertabrae.  Three weeks in the hospital later, the tail-bone  wasn't dealt with.  It has been a real sore spot for me since this last fall that, literally,  requires me to stand nearly the whole day because of 'sitting' issues.  It cannot be fixed because surgery may cripple me.
But back to that year, nearly 7 years ago,  my whole body had been massively infected from a cadaver bone put into my mouth for a couple of teeth transplant by a dentist who didn't ask me or even test me for blood compatability several years earlier.  I have RH negative blood and by putting in an unmatched blood type bone, he might as well have shot me up with a poisonous agent  because it caused  my immune sytem to fight itself and I deteriorate badly which led to a loss of 30 lbs. over a few short weeks.  That led to two oral surgeries to remove the implants.  Mind you, I still wasn't eating, only a bite here or there as I was able to choke it down.  Following on the heels of that I had a mild stroke (for which I didn't even go into the hospital but found out later from my Nuerologist in physical thyrapy.  You could say I was a walking piece of skeleton with only one outlet and that was to grow in the Prophetic Word as I stood in front of my computer.   
We are still in the same year when my husband had another heart attack and had a Pace-Maker put in.  I stood against the cold walls of the hospital during those days so sick that if I didn't have the wall to lean against I would have lain on the floor.  I weight only 90 lbs.  Rowina, I begged to die every day, EVERY DAY.  I was born-again so was eagerly looking forward to going to be with Jesus and get away from the on-going pain.  Every morning, no matter how I begged God to just put me out of my misery, I'd find myself having to face another day......Oh No...!  Do you see what I am saying?  Here we have 1 person doing all he could do to prolong his life.  Another one that accepted her fate.  And me, who begged to die and He would not answer that request.   Rowina, I cried, begged, didn't eat, unable to sleep until a friend gave me sleeping pills.  Eventually, I got pain medication.  My husband was sure I had also lost my mind because my speech had been affected at the time.  It was decided we'd best move back home.  I don't know why because our kids didn't even call that whole year to see how we were doing.  They didn't even know our condition.   I, like, Nichole, did the packing, moved furniture, unpacking because hubby wasn't able to and there was no one else.   I was 63 yrs. old that year and he 74.  As I failed physically, I grew so much spiritually, I'm able to see things as I would never have seen in the natural.  It was then I could understand what the political/religious 'hidden agenda" was all about.  I used to play church but  I see my purpose now and it isn't church.   No, I am not out of pain but my "Spunk" has returned and the first place I head every morning is to this link and others to learn and pass along the teaching to others who would never have gotten it.  I have never been so excited about His Coming as I am at this time.
Wow!  What a life our Lord Jesus is saving us from.  When He speaks of the evil in His Word, it is so awful that He gave His life to redeem us from the clutches of the enemy.  That fact never really hit me until I realized the gross evil in this world.  Salvation is a gift we cannot even comprehend.
Rowina,  God has His eyes on each of us and only He knows what He has for you to do during the days He given to you.   I pray for a miracle for you and a great sign from Him to show you if you should travel or stay put. 
Please let me share this medical article with you and know that I pray you come to the right decision and that your days will be filled with peace as we await His Glorious Coming.  Love to you,  Gerlinda