Gerlinda (19 Nov 2011)

Dear John & Doves,  Please link into this warning, listen to these two Jesus loving men as they give their warnings about El Hierro getting worse.  Then go into the comments below and, even though the one is from the writings of Nosterdomus, the warning is that when Canis Minor (located over El Hierro) is,  the flip of the earth would begin and the date he gives is in the year of 2011, on the date of Dec. 20/21.  They give Biblical scriptures and they also speak of "Wormwood", which I believe could be that satellite that, when it falls somewhere, it will pollute the waters, fish, etc. because of the tons of poisonous chemicals aboard.   God help us to warn our families, friends and whom-ever comes into our path.   gerlinda
El Hierro Canary Islands Getting Worse - Eruption Spreading Toxic Gas, Fish Dead