Gerlinda (19 Nov 2011)
"To Kari"

Out-standing, Kari, you did such a super job of putting this together!
I believe, along with the mulitude of information given by those that understand numbers, dates that have contributed so much to understanding Bible Prophecy, one needs to understand past history (especially Mythology and Occult). Why? Because, it is this that drives the mind-set of those seeking their New World Order which was none other than the Old Order of Babylon.
I, too, have come to believe that the world is now at this point when it will be turned up-side down literally, world war will rage, populances will die in one way or another and the Wrath of God will pour out.  I cannot cling to the prophetic teachings of old that say this has to happen, that has to happen, etc.....Open your eyes, I say, "It is happening?. The trek of the 13 skulls across America has been fulfilled on 11-11-11. Soon the rest of this will happen quickly when those in their graves will come out to do havoc as their king, Apollyon (aka quetzalcoal) as you say Kari and others will  rise to meet the Lord.
There is war raging in the heavens right now and earth moans and groans from the demons flexing their bodies to be rid of their bondage that holds them until that day they are allowed to be freed for a 5 month period. 
As I posted in the news about the Canary Islands volcanic activity becoming catastrophic and Canis Minor will cause the earth to shake, raging waters will come ashore in huge tidal waves destroying the existing land masses that occurs when the earth flips.   Even Nostrodomus was given visions of these events by whatever guided him in his day.
Forget about offending your friends and family about talking of their only salvation and give it to them straight.....Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY, Praise His Holy Name. 
Thank you for this report Kari.  gerlinda
Kari (18 Nov 2011)
"Culmination of what took place w/ crstal skulls"