Gerlinda (11 Nov 2011)
"Nichole, leave?????"

Nichole,  You said:
I think I have finished my purpose on the Doves and will be moving to a Youtube or another form of ministry.
Gerlinda here, "Whoah there!  I just started on this site a short time ago and look forward to what you've contributed.  Don't you dare leave us now.  I just know that if there are any that seem to disagree wih you didn't have your articles & insight to look forward to each day, they'd scratch their heads and say, 'Say!  I really miss what that young lady had to tell us."  I am of the older generation  and don't get  a lot of the younger ideas, especially the loudness of the music (and I'm hard of hearing) so I just don't listen BUT there is far more value  that comes from your pen than others of your age group.  You've got a deep wisdom about a variety of things for one as young as you..  As I said before, 'I value your contrubtions and look to them."   Look Nichole, it's probably only a very, very short time anyway.  Maybe just one more day of your posting and one more day we get to read what you have gleaned from the harvest out there.  If it is more than a few more days, let's say another year.  then we talk about your leaving again, Agree?  gerlinda