Frank R Molver (9 Nov 2011)
"Michael C re 6 months from 11 11 till 4 11, economic collapse then AC"
Pretty good series of letters and kind of shmarty pants
I really like the 11 11 till the 4 11 thing
Could be filled with an unfun but necessary time
6 months of turmoil and marshal law until the hero arrives on the scene
BTW I touched that outcropping of Rock in the dome
You know, the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac
Then later they built a temple and all.
I noticed the Muslims reaching their hands thru a curtain in the fence.
So I did it too
I found out that they were touching the rock
You should have seen the looks on their faces when I did that
Maybe I was lucky to walk out of there.
Anyway, I still think they may build a temple real quick like
Maybe after this soon war with Iran
Captain! Captain!
Hostile ship approaching!
Man your battlestations!