Frank R Molver (4 Nov 2011)
"the whore does not make it to the wedding, except....."

The whore does not make it to the wedding, except she repents.
You know some of these discussions here remind me of this.
God always calls his people to repent
And after they turn to him he wants them to stay his.
When they fall away from him and chase after false things he asks them the same thing.
So the term he uses for them when they become abstinent and refuse to change is whore
But if they repent of their sins they can come back
If they don't, well, it's not good
So in these last days God warns us thru his message to the churches
Jezebel tries to get them to celebrate their freedom by doing things God forbade
Laodecia certainly doesn't listen
They all think their going to be raptured no matter what.
So we come here and share our messages that God puts on our hearts
And then we battle with those who seem to think anything goes.
And that's the way it will be all the way up till the end.