Frank Molver (30 Nov 2011)
"Kimjongilia, will the US become like N. Korea"



Watched this documentary movie on netflix
Woke up with the thought that this could become the reality in the US.
Kim Jong was raised by Grandparents who where Christian Missionaries
He became a Communist several years later
They have ruled Korea for 60 years with an Iron Fist
Communism was suppose to be a workers Paradise, a Utopia
Didn't happen because it was based on a lie,,,, NO GOD.
He destroyed a country, the difference between north and south Korea is staggering
Up to 200,000 in prison camps
The law is
If you do not work hard enough you can be immediately publicly executed with your children forced to watch.
If you complain or show attitude, the same fate
If you think about escape, the same
Whole families are sent to prison camps, 3 generations of those who are suspected of the smallest infraction.
Their own soldiers do the dirty work, just like Germany and Russia
They were brainwashed.
Will that happen in the US?
I think so
Will we be here?
I hope not.
But we should be prepared just like our predecessors in those countries who did not think it could happen there.