Frank R Molver (3 Nov 2011)
"Fay re freedom to celebrate pagan holidays"

Jesus did not die so we could be free to celebrate pagan holidays, c'mon.
You are not free if you participate in something he tells you not to do
You will become  a slave of what ever it is, pagan holiday, tarot cards, drugs, homosexuality, whatever sin you choose.
The witches and satanists did not disappear, they want you to compromise
Demons are not little harmless things if you do what you shouldn't do.
We should not mock them or pretend they are harmless
Halloween is not a neutered holiday, satan is not a joke
These last days are filled with compromise
That is why the church is so weak
That is why the economy is going to crash
We have played with things we shouldn't have
We have drifted past the safe boundaries