Frank Molver (29 Nov 2011)
"Steve re Dec 20 Damascus and Obama"
Good info Steve, but it would really help if you placed links or at least web sites to avoid misunderstanding.
I agree with your assessment.
There is also others who have had insight or visions re Obama faking an assassination to get re elected.
The event speculated to be in April 2012
I find that plausible
But nobody relishes Marshal law, except those who have something to gain.
There is a reporter called JR Nyquist who was stationed in the Soviet Union who became aware of some of their plans to take over the US
He had a vision of the end of the Republic, meaning the US, it seems to coincide with this president
This is a link to that web site.
here is his forum
This is Ryan Mauro's web site, he is a very astute young man who shares excellent info.
Ryan Mauro is the founder of, the National Security Advisor for the Christian Action Network and a strategic analyst with WikiStrat. He is also a former intelligence analyst and director of the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center.