Frank Molver (29 Nov 2011)
"you need royalty to escape slavery"

Had a disturbing dream about a person escaping slavery.
I was involved in helping someone escape slavery.
This person was a slave and had made some infraction indicating he was intending on escaping.
He was being sent to the basement to receive a beating that would reinforce his not attempting this again.
I intervened and helped distract those in charge of him
The person escaped but was being pursued
Along the route of escape there was royalty involved in a race.
This person intermingled with the royalty in this race and was able to reach a point where he attained freedom.
He was no longer in the area of the slave masters jurisdiction
I woke up with the thought, 'you need royalty to escape slavery'.
I  thought, that is appropriate, dealing with people with addictions and mental issues.
The royalty being Jesus and his angels and us who listen to them.
The slavery being the addictions and infirmities.
To escape one needs to make the move but needs help to get away
Hanging out with royalty would include living in an environment away from slavery backed with prayer and support.
A place protected by prayer focused on Jesus and learning his ways.
To begin this process, some are called out to reach the enslaved.
And it is, without a doubt, slavery that one is deling with.