Frank Molver (29 Nov 2011)
"Gerlinda re Rahm, Obama, Netanyahu, the snub and Damascus"
Good letter, Year 64 is coming up.
Dear Doves, Because the issue of Damascus, Jews/Israelites and the present situation of the timing of where we may be in history, I would like to pass along an article I wrote when Obama gave that snub to Netanyahu at the White House. It seems like all the players are in place for this End Time grab for power. Please note that I made the correction of the date to be up-to-date within. Gerlinda
The Snub
I have given thought to this issue of what transpired with the snub against Bejamin Netanyah. I want to write on this subject and I wished I had the ability to sit (back issues keeps me standing) to put it all together properly, without spelling issues, etc. concerning a prophecy given to Isaiah. I read this chapter some time ago and saw some connections. Now, seems time to put some of this into words.
Isaiah 8:1-10 tells a prophecy for Isaiah's day and also a prophecy yet in the future. Isaiah wrote so that the common person could understand his writing. Well, I qualify as a common person.
The King of Assyria and the Northern Tribe of Ephraim were plotting to join their forces against the Southern Tribe of Juda. God told Isaiah to go onto his wife, "The Prophetess" and she would bear a son and his name should be called, Maher-shada-has-baz, which means "Hurry to spoil", "He has made haste to plunder" or "Hurry to the spoil or he has made haste to the plunder". The story goes on to say that before 65 years had past, Ephraim would be broken so that it will not be a people. Isaiah 7.
There are two points I want to make and that is regarding the name of the son and also the alliance of these two forces. We know that history tells us that the Northern Kingdom of Ephraim had a perpetual bitterness against his brothers, the tribe of Judah. Although Emphraim was the larger of the two kingdoms and the most powerful, Judah had the high privilege of being the Kingly Tribe of which only someone of that tribe could be the rightful king. Emphraim refused to abide with that and set up their own king and their own temple witha High Priest that was not kosher. Do you see the picture here?
Within this northern kingdom was included the tribe of Dan of which was prophesied would come the Antichrist. Herod, who ruled in Israel, was an Assyrian, Jewish & Roman heritage. Many teachers think the whole prophecy was fulfilled when Antiocus Epiphanes IV, ruler of Syria, set up that pagan image of a pig upon the altar in Jerusalem but many others believe there is yet a future fulfillment.
God tells Isaiah that before the 65th year was over, so would be these people.
For 63 years, since the birth of the nation of Israel, she has had rulers over her that were not in the best interest of Israel. Many, if not all, have been a part of the Masonic brotherhood. When it seems like they make policies that are contrary to the Jewish people. Those that established the new Jewish state were mortified to see that over the course of years, more Orthodox Jews than they wanted were coming back to the land. They wanted a secular people for a secular country who had no ties to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. When rebuilding of Jewish homes and towns shouldn't even be an issue, the leaders bend to the pressure of their Masonic brotherhood in Europe, America & Middle East over and over again. When Rabin was assassinated, he had finally taken a stand against the next step of giving up more land. A study on that assassination points a suspicious finger at the present president Perez, whose name means "divided".
Some of the Bible versions give the name of Isaiah's son as "Immanual". Before that son was born, he had an earlier son by the name of Maher.............of whom God also gave a prophecy. God promised Ahaz, the king of Judah that although Judah would suffer, within 65 years Emphraim would be broken.
We have a man "in power" today that is considered the most evil man in the White House. He served under Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and now Obama. He was behind the signing of the Clinton Treaty of Hell in 1993 and he was recently seen with Obama as he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. There is no doubt but that this man is of the Maher Rothschild lineage that controls the World Banking Cartel and thus the world. His name is Rahm Emmanuel. He is claimed to be a devout Jew. He is short in stature but tall in the power he welds. Clinton was said to be afraid of him.
Do you notice the connection with two of these names? One is the name Immanuel/Emmanuel, which the Bible gives as a prophecy of "God With Us" and the other is the name Maher-shada-has-baz/Maher Rothschild, who made no secret of his devotion to Satan and consequently the 13 bloodlines of this family continue in ruling position in every aspect of power from political, religious, educational, scientific, military, medical, communications, entertainment and let's not forget financial and more.
While it was God who allowed the State of Israel to be reborn, He allowed those powers to bring about the recreation of this nation because it was His timing. He was also behind all the miracles that saved that young nation when the enemies tried to stop it. That was May 15, 1948. She is now 63 years old.
It is no coincidence that these same mixture of Assyeria/Jewish/Roman continue to bring their man into rulership role as Israel's Messiah/ King and no doubt all the scientific knowledge they have gleaned will forge the blood-line of Judah.
None of us should ever forget the fact that it was these of the Northern Tribes that crossed into Europe and mixed with the Romans. Where did America get birthed from? Who is her mother? It isn't merely Great Britain but the European/Middle Eastern mixture.
The official date of starting the building of that great Masonic Temple which is going to be the grandest ever to replace the Temple of Solomon was given as March 16th, the day after the Great Synagoge of Jerusalem was completed for the third time on March 15, 2010. While there are many honorable men & women that are working to rebuilt the temple, they will have their eyes opened when the next pagan image is set up in the wing of the Third Temple. That is the Word of God.
Back to Isaiah 7, where God assured Ahaz, King of Jerusalem that he would not be over-thrown, I can't help but wonder if Jehovah God will say, "Enough" at Israel's 65th year and Jesus Christ will crush this false global empire.
So, I believe Netanyahu could be like the last son of Jacob, Benjamin, the son of the Right Hand of Jacob. While Rachel named him Benoni, which means Son of my Pain, Jacob changed it. None of this is mere coincidence. Benjamin was the last of Jacob's son and I believe he will live up to the expectations of Jacob to be a Right Hand Son. Interesting is that Benjamin's land is a buffer between the Northern Tribe of Emphraim and the Southern Tribe of Judah. And some of the hottest contested cities lie within his territory: Bethel, Gibeon, Ramah & Mitzpah. But most importantly is Jerusalem. Many have seen a blessing upon Benjamin, "The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him; and the LORD shall cover him all the day long and he shall dwell between his shoulders." Dt. 33:12 The Lord later located His sanctuary, the Temple in Benjamite territory.
Will the prophecy of Isaiah 17 concerning Damascus be dealt with at that time or will it be a lead-in to the bigger battle? But this oldest, continueous existing city in Syria will have it's destiny fulfilled, that is as sure as there is the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Rabbis teach that Israel's enemy is Edom and the final battle is with them. Edom is a name given to all the nations that come against this Land.
The Bible tells us that one day God will bring the two kingdoms together: Ephraim and Judah. He will take the two sticks of their leadership and make them one. Although Israel was brought back as a country in 1948, she is still terribly divided. Isaiah & other prophets refer to this land as both Israel and Judah. Many people think this name is just interchangagle but it is not; it is speaking of two different groups. However, one day soon, their shepards will unite and fight the wolves.
Netanyahu is presently a member of The Council of Foreign Relations, one of the power blocks of this present Global Government; I believe he has been very offended with this last slap in the face and he will do what is right for Israel. But he may pay for it.