Frank R Molver (26 Nov 2011)
"butterfly of hope"

We were watching a nice Japanese movie called Walk Together
It was about a family whose aging parents were grieving for a son who died 15 years before in a drowning accident
This made it difficult for the children's families when they reunited.
One day they went and visited his grave.
That night the mother saw a butterfly flying around in the room and she went into a panic trying to catch it because she thought it was her son visiting.
Many Japanese believe in reincarnation.
The wife of her remaining son said she also saw a butterfly when she visited the grave after her previous husband who died.
I know there is no reincarnation.
But then God brought to my mind a time when a tiny butterfly was very significant to me
In 76 I was in jail in Hiroshima for dealing drugs.
I somehow was foolish enough to get suckered into something very stupid.
I was facing possibly life in prison
I was married and had a one year old son.
I was very depressed and hadn't eaten in a long time
One day a tiny butterfly landed on the window of my single cell.
It stayed a long time.
It was my only guest.
For some reason that sparked hope in me, almost euphoria as I thought of how I was going to use this bad situation to become a better person.
Before that I had been contemplating suicide.
Interesting isn't it, how God can take such a small seemingly insignificant thing and give us hope and change our lives.