Frank R Molver (25 Nov 2011)
"Mathman re Ron encouragement"
Thanks for the interesting letter.
I am not a mathematician but I would agree with Ron re something significant happening with Obama appearing on the scene
The day before he was elected I saw what appeared to be a lightning strike in the east in the direction of DC
I then saw it strike upwards as if attacking something escaping, Actually it was a skinny cloud at sunrise, the lights making it look fiery.
I felt as if something evil was happening.
Then some one shared here the scripture re Barack meaning lightning falling from heaven.
So, to me the was a confirmation.
There have been many others who have done a lot of research on this and others who have shared visions and such re Obama.
Personally I am aware of an African involved in a witch craft ceremony involving Obama in Africa before he became president.
She came here for deliverance because she became frightened.
Can persecution be far behind?
A frightening was in Israel and an economic crisis, then you have to blame some one, guess who.