Frank R Molver (25 Nov 2011)
"cracking the religious shell"

Being introspective
When we become Christians God begins speaking to our hearts about certain issues.
Some times there are areas we refuse to yield to.
Yet we pursue our Christianity, study, participate and intellectualize.
When the word pierces our heart we may blunt it by ignoring it and then projecting what God is dealing with us on to others.
We create a religious shell of what we think we are and what we want others to think of us
A performance if you will, fooling ourselves but not necessarily fooling the world.
Then we complain that God is not listening to us or that we must endure with faith yet all the while really hiding from God.
We become dead and dry and hang out with the same.
So, in God's mercy he sends circumstances, knock knock knocking on the shell.
Is there a heart inside?
A broken heart yields to the Holy Spirit and makes things right.
There is freedom in a broken heart.