Frank R Molver (25 Nov 2011)
"re threats to religion and healthcare"
interesting that Catholic hospitals may be first to receive the brunt of this
Catholic hospitals have done well around where I live, and they have been good places to work for Christians
We have some great spirit filled Chaplains that make rounds at night
But hospitals run on money, and if the Government shuts them off they close down.
So we can see economics being the excuse driving persecution
Being a Christian and an ICU RN I have misgivings about prolonging life with extravagant care on those who are coming near the end of life.
Really it is torture as far as I am concerned in some cases.
Prolonging life in an elderly body that is failing seems like defying nature because we are afraid of death..
And why should we fear death for us Christians?
And why would I want to hang around knowing what is about to happen?